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Helping Small Businesses Succeed in the Digital Frontier. 

We build beautiful websites that are designed to increase customer retention and conversions for your business.

Phillip W Marketing specializes in website design and development services for small businesses or brands. Our goal is to build a website that engages visitors, is very user-friendly and leaves a lasting impression.

What are our Web Design and Development Services?

Phillip W Marketing is at its heart a web design agency. We personally see to it that every client we work with is getting exactly what they are looking for in a website. 

We start with the end goal. A website should always have a purpose i.e, customer acquisition, brand awareness, email capture, etc. 

The design is built around the purpose of a business’s website. Once we’ve established the goal, we discuss the design. We develop the website design based on the customer’s preferences and type of business. We then come up with a suitable template. Once the template is agreed upon, the build (or development) can begin.

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Did you know?

 It only takes .05 seconds (that’s 50 milliseconds) for visitors to form an opinion about your website.

Why Choose our Web Design Services?

Your visitors .05 second snap judgment determines whether they stay or leave your website. Not to mention it also determines credibility in the eyes of a potential customer. 

Your business might be exactly what the customer is looking for, but the first thing your customer sees is your website which represents your business. 

At a glance, a well-designed website means a successful business. Not only that, but it gives your business an upper hand on Google. With thousands of other competitors in your niche, a well-design website immediately gives you a better chance of attracting customers. 

Our company Phillip W Marketing builds websites that are beautifully designed, user-friendly and primed for lower bounce rate and higher conversions. 

You never have to worry about a customer leaving your website because it’s poorly designed. Our web design and development services are tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

Is Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design Really Important?

Believe it or not, most people now check a business’s website on their mobile phone. In fact, a study showed that almost 60% of internet users will not recommend a  business that has a poorly designed mobile website. 

67% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase a product or service if the website is mobile-friendly. And 52% of users will not engage with a company if their mobile experience is bad. 

These are just a few statistics that prove a mobile-friendly and responsive website will not only increase your sales but it will increase your business’s credibility as well. 

Having a response and mobile-friendly website simply means that every aspect of your site fits perfectly on a mobile device. 

Our web development company not only makes your website mobile-friendly, but we also design your website with that in mind from the very beginning. 


WordPress Web Design and Development

We use WordPress (The most popular CMS in the world) for a few reasons:

  • Google loves them. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that is very Google and SEO friendly. 
  • Easy to manage and edit content. 
  • Over 35% of websites on the internet are powered with WordPress. 
  • Fully Customizable. 
  • It gives you, the client, a better value. Because we use WordPress, our prices are nowhere near as high as having a coder develop a site from scratch. At the same time, WordPress allows us to execute your perfect vision for your website.

Ecommerce Services for Web Development

Woo-commerce is our choice for developing your e-commerce website. When it comes to the best user-friendly interface, ease of adding products and ultimate support nothing beats woo-commerce. 

Woo-commerce turns any eCommerce store into a 24/7 hour selling machine. Some of the many benefits include: 

  • Seamlessly works with WordPress. 
  • Very secure because it updates regularly. 
  • Fantastic analytics. When selling any type of product it’s important to have analytics that is inbuilt, accurate, and simple to use and understand. 
  • Flexible and customizable. Works with Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Heatmaps, Quickbooks, and more.

Websites built for SEO

Our web development services don’t just stop at building the perfect website for your business. We build SEO friendly website architecture from the beginning. 

Even before the content is added, we design your website structure to be SEO friendly by:

  • Making sure your pages are easy to navigate.
  • Using modern clean HTML and CSS coding.
  • Increasing the speed and performance of your website. 
  • Optimizing images and URL structure to benefit your SEO.

Not Your Typical Cookie Cutter Website Development Services 

As the client, you can sometimes feel lost or overlooked by some of the bigger web development agencies, but at Phillip W Marketing we do our very best to be available for you whenever you need it. 

We don’t just build your website, if needed we personally help you through the process of: 

  • Buying a domain name and hosting.
  • Creating or redesigning a logo for your business.
  • Choosing and building the content for your new website. 
  • Building a social presence with a targeted social media marketing strategy.
  • Building email lists of potential customers and prospects.
  • Getting your business found on important platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and more.

We are with you from beginning to end. Contact us now.

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