Landing page vs Homepage: 3 Huge Differences

by | Mar 26, 2020

landing page vs homepage

Digital marketing is one of the benefits modern technology has brought for business owners worldwide. According to statistics, approximately two-thirds of small businesses use sites for online marketing. There are critical factors of a website that determine how much traffic the site converts. There are definitely a few major differences between landing page vs homepage. This short guide will help you determine the best way to use both. 

A landing page is a web page that acts as the website’s entry point, with the intent of translating the views to conversions. On the other hand, a homepage is the default page that serves as the introductory page for a site. It acts as a table of contents for the visitor. 

Both have different purposes, audiences, and functionality. Understanding the comparison between the two is vital as it helps you translate leads to conversions. To do that, you have to comprehend the key ways that the pages differ. 

Landing page vs. Homepage

landing page_vs_homepage_

Although a landing page might seem similar to a homepage, there are ways to tell the two apart. However, it is essential to utilize both for a more successful business website. 

  1. Your audience

This is the first difference between a landing and a home page. When it comes to the former, the viewer is already interested in your services or product. The viewers on your landing page are sure they are interested in what your business offers and have a high chance of converting to clients. 

Therefore, the audience for a landing page is a specific target demographic that is more likely to convert. 

For a home page, the audience gets a navigation tab and additional links related to the business. The goal is not only to convert but also to help your audience interact with your website and social media relevantly.

  1. The content 

It is prospective that a landing page and home page may share some information; a landing page usually has more explicit content. Successively, the information on the page should be in relevance to the paid search ads the viewer clicked. 

For instance, if you own a medical institution and potential client is interested in pediatric services, make a landing with content based on that exact department. The page will assure the viewer that those precise services are what they are after. 

Homepages attract organic traffic, which means you do not know what drove the viewers to your site. The content on the page is comprehensive and offers more than a particular product or service you are marketing. In a similar case of a medical institution, a homepage will have content on all the services offered. 

  1. Call-to-Action

Since a landing page has only one target; to pursue visitors to convert, it typically includes an appropriate CTA. A homepage may or may not have a call-to-action as its primary target is to be resourceful to the viewer.

Here are a few design strategies and tips to increase conversions for landing page vs homepage.

Every business owner needs a check-list on how to boost their landing and home pages productivity. Gladly, the list below is your go-to roster to increase conversion rates for your landing and homepage page alike.

  • Use an attention-grabbing headline
  • Include visual content 
  • Always start with the essential info
  • Take advantage of lists/bullets to mention the benefits of your product or service
  • Include social media references or proof
  • Use an unambiguous call-to-action
  • Keep distractions to a minimum

You should note that the answer to a successful and highly converting website is to test the site and always put your audience first.

In conclusion, every business owner or manager should get consistent customers using a reliable website. Call (424) 221 – 5742  or fill out the form below to have your website built by the best agency in the digital marketing industry. 

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